Our employees are experts with a lot of years of experience in attracting, shortlisting, selecting, and appointing the most suitable candidates for any kind of vacancy. We take responsibility for the process of finding the best candidate for the needed position in your company within a specific timeline and in a cost-effective manner. This process includes analysing the vacancy's requests and needs, attracting employees to apply, selecting the most suitable applicants, and hiring and integrating them into your company.


In Blue Green, we deal with the contract and the needed documents to ensure that the new employee is completely legally covered to start their new lifestyle. We administer the whole agreement between the two parties, including the essential parts of the offer, the terms and conditions acceptable to both parties, the payment, and the security that everything is done by legal means. Everything is in written form to ensure the security of both the company and the employee, to provide proof, and to prevent misunderstandings.


Blue Green not only recruits your future employees and ensures your company’s growth; not only do we take care of all the documents and the contract procedures, but we also transfer the newcomers to areas near the companies, in nice and cosy houses, for them to start their new journey. Blue Green understands the need of employees for a secure career path that combines all the necessities for a great start in their new life.


With a strong focus on quality and client satisfaction, we provide a wide range of plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Assuring the least amount of inconvenience to your schedule, our knowledgeable crew is accessible 24/7 to tackle situations like burst pipes and clogged drains. Our skilled technicians provide effective and dependable services for everything from water heater installations to pipe replacements. We take great delight in meeting your expectations through our punctuality, open pricing, and commitment. For all of your plumbing requirements, choose BlueGreen and benefit from excellent service that keeps your property operating properly.

Mobile Housekeeping

Experience the ease of a newly cleaned home with Mobile Housekeeping Services. Whether you require a fast touch-up or a thorough deep clean, our committed team of qualified specialists offers cleaning right to your door. Maintaining a clean living area has never been simpler, thanks to flexible scheduling and personalised solutions catered to your tastes. We place a high value on using eco-friendly procedures, paying close attention to every aspect, and leaving your property immaculate. Choose us for a hassle-free and revitalising housekeeping experience that gives your living space a newfound sense of comfort and relaxation.

Equipment Short-Term Rental

Elevate your initiatives with our Equipment Short-Term Rental Service. We have a comprehensive choice of high-quality equipment accessible for short-term rentals to match your individual needs, whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast. Our rental options give you the flexibility to execute your activities effectively without making a long-term commitment, whether they include heavy equipment or specialised tools. Experience the ease of having the appropriate tools at your disposal, smooth transactions, and top-notch equipment. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, our Equipment Short-Term Rental Service is here to support your success.

Newspaper Service

Discover the world at your fingertips with our Newspaper Service. Immerse yourself in the depth and breadth of current events, insightful articles, and a variety of viewpoints that are all carefully curated and sent right to your door. Disconnect from the digital noise and enjoy the tactile sensation of turning pages as you keep up with local and international events. With our Newspaper Service, you're engaging in a tradition that keeps you connected, involved, and informed—not simply reading. Join us in appreciating the classic appeal of printed news and incorporating it into your daily routine.

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Qatar Tribune
Al Raya
Al Sharq
Al Watan
Al Arab

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