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Blue Green Recruitment, Contracting, and Hospitality provides human resources solutions for companies in the Gulf region. Founded in 2016 and placed in Qatar, Blue Green guarantees your satisfaction by taking care not only of the proper recruitment process but also of the contracting with your new employees and their allocation and assistance in their new beginning.

The idea of Blue Green began with the need to respond to the vast number of requests by clients seeking suitable candidates for their company’s vacancies and by talented individuals searching for an international career.

Managing the vacancies in a company and recruiting the right people for the right positions can lead to a lot of problems inside the company and its efficiency. Our clients are interested in hiring candidates who can perform well in every task and who are able to work independently. Taking all these needs into consideration, at Blue Green, we try our best to assure your satisfaction but also to provide the best possible experience for your future employees.


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In Blue Green, we specialize in the pool management of the candidates, using modern acceptance and elimination tools, assigning your employee to the proper job position, fulfilling the requirements for it.

Wanting to provide as many useful services as possible, Blue Green takes care of the contract procedures and the all the legal framework. We are responsible for their training and preparing them for their future businesses’ responsibilities, as long as their allocation from their current country to their new destination, support them in their new job, workplace and residence.

With the specification of the industry, candidate responsibilities and requirements, either for a short-term or long-term period, with what specific skills and knowledge are needed.

The future employees will have the chance to work under these conditions, which depends according to the company and their need.

Short-term recruitment, project-based hiring
Long-term recruitment
Legal assistance and contract creation in the field of employment
Virtual and delocalised workers employment

We strive to contribute to ensuring more talented and ambitious individuals will have the chance to work with our respected and high-class partners, with the best experience.

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