In Blue Green, our partners always ask for our assistance for all their projects, and their demands and job requirements vary. They are looking for unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled employees. Someone they can trust with their projects and people who can complete their job tasks effectively.

Unskilled personnel

For these job vacancies, you are only required to have a high school diploma, and in some cases, it is not even necessary. There are a lot of job openings for people without an academic background. There is no need to finish any university in order to be able to develop specific skills for any vacancy that fits your experience. In Blue Green, our clients ask for a lot of employees every day to take care of projects for cleaners, residence helpers, carpenters, electricians, parking lot attendants, and construction labourers.

Semi-skilled personnel

Regarding the semi-skilled vacancies, they do not require advanced training or any specialised skills, but the skillset needs to be greater than the one for the unskilled jobs. These jobs are widely needed, and our partners often offer projects for security guards, telephone solicitors, waiters and waitresses, drivers, residence assistants, residence helpers, electricians, carpenters, file clerks, operators, and jobs related to hospitality.

Skilled Personnel

Special skills, training, knowledge with a specific academic background, or enough experience to gain the required skills on the job. Our partners are more than happy to find through Blue Green suitable secretaries, administrative assistants, sales representatives, marketers, customer service representatives, nurses, tutors and trainers, architects, engineers, and data scientists.


With the rapid advance of technology, people demand jobs related to the Information Technology sector more than ever. The same goes for our partners. They have a need for people who are in a position to take responsibility and work independently in digital areas. Technical support, programmers, web developers, software and mobile application developers, computer systems analysts, information technology security, network engineers, cloud computer engineers, computer support specialists, and database administrators. Our partners need professionals who can build and improve computer vision and machine learning, using algorithms and analytics to detect, classify, and track objects. Furthermore, our partners are sure that the creation of many more solutions in the future will become a must-need for any company, as well as the factor of technological and data security, which will remain extremely important. Of course, our partners are looking for employees that can offer both technical and soft skills, for people who can communicate in an effective way and can provide critical, fast thinking, ultimately supporting their sector.


Management is needed in every sector. It is the administrative force that enables success and guarantees the unity of the company. A manager coordinates the efforts of the employees and provides support for any task to accomplish the goals and objectives of the team. Taking into consideration the available human, natural, technological, and financial resources, a manager always strives to achieve and ensure the best results for the company. No matter the main tasks and responsibilities, one of the primary skills someone has to possess is the ability to manage and lead others. A manager can be categorised into senior managers and middle and lower managers without the role losing any of its significance. Our partners are looking for those who can effectively manage a team and perform well at the same time. Positions with high demand for management are Information Technology manager, Financial manager, Medical Services manager, Accounting manager, Automotive manager, Banking manager, Business Development manager, Engineering manager, Safety manager, and Sourcing manager. The ability to lead and support employees, to handle every problem and to manage every project, and to be responsible towards the timeline and the company’s success. Those skills are in high demand, and the candidates possessing them are most likely to be hired immediately. A career path as a manager is extremely difficult and demanding, but profitable, stable, and satisfying.


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