Our Employees Are Experts With A Lot Of Years Of Experience In Attracting, Shortlisting, Selecting And Appointing The Most Suitable Candidates For Any Kind Of Vacancy. We Take Responsibility For The Process Of Finding The Best Candidate For The Needed Position In Your Company, In A Specific Timeline And A Cost-effective Manner. This Process Includes Analyzing The Vacancy's Requests And Needs, Attracting Employees To Apply, Selecting The Most Suitable Applicants, Hiring And Integrating Them Into Your Company.


In Blue Green, We Deal With The Contract And The Needed Documents To Ensure That The New Employee Is Completely Legally Covered To Start Their New Lifestyle. We Administrate The Whole Agreement Between The Two Parties, Including The Essential Parts Of The Offer, The Terms And Conditions Acceptable To Both Of The Parties, The Payment, The Security That Everything Is Done By Legal Means. Everything Is In Written Form To Ensure The Security Of Both, The Company And The Employee, To Provide Proof And Prevent Misunderstandings.


Blue Green Not Only Recruits Your Future Employees And Ensures Your Company’s Growth, Not Only Do We Take Care Of All The Documents And The Contract Procedures But Also Transfer The Newcomers In Areas Near The Companies, In Nice And Cosy Houses, For Them To Start Their New Journey. Blue Green Understands The Need Of The Employees For A Secure Career Path Which Combines All The Necessities For A Great Start In Their New Life.

Visa And Immigration

Visa And Immigration Procedures Can Last Long, And Sometimes It Is Not Even Guaranteed Someone Will Be Able To Take The Visa And All The Needed Documents. In Blue Green, We Want To Be Ensured That Our Partners Will Work With The Newcomers Not Having Any Legal Problem, So We Take Care Of All The Process, From The Documents Completion To The Visa Application. Due To The Traditional Kafala Sponsorship System, The Employment Process For Qatar Is More Complex Than Other Countries. An Approval From The Labour Department Is Needed And Work Permits. But, That Is Why We Come Along. To Help Surpass These Problems And To Not Worry About The Specific Procedure, So You Can Be Able To Enjoy The New Future You Will Create. From The Registration Of Business With The Immigration Department, The Approval Of Ministry Of Labour, From The Employment Visa And The Work Permit, From The Residence Permit To The Exit Visa. From Start To The End, We Are By Your Side Taking Care Of This Difficult And Time Consuming Process. One Of Our Professional Consultants Will Take Care Of The Work For You. They Will Coordinate With Our Partners And Their Legal Departments To Get All The Required Permits And Documents, To Provide Them On Time And They Will Keep You Informed Through The Whole Process. With Blue Green You Do Not Have To Be Afraid Of Losing Your Visa Or Work Permit Chances. We Have Been Doing These Procedures A Lot Of Years Now And Our Experts Are Specialised In Filling This Kind Of Documents.

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