In Bluee Green, we match the exact requirements of the job vacancies and we find fully qualified, experienced personnel to suit not only the job requirements but also the profile and values of your company.

When we first come in touch with our partners we are making sure to take all the needed information, regarding your company and the vacancy. Later we write a proper ad for the position, which you will immediately review of course. After that, we continue with the hiring process. We advertise the position, review the applications, select the right candidates to interview and we test them. After these procedures are over we exclude the 5 best candidates and we are able to inform you about our hiring decisions. The final decision is, of course, yours.

Blue Green only wants the best for you. That is why we only use the latest methods and technological advances to perform our duties and search/find the most suitable candidate for you.

Always committed to finding the best candidate for your company, without rushing the employee selections process, being in constant communication with you for any possible change in the job vacancy, using proper tools and tests to ensure the candidates’ skills, knowledge and proper behaviour. That is how we make sure you stay pleased, satisfied and with filled job vacancies.