Blue Green is in the position to optimise your recruitment process and increase the quality of your future employees. Using our modern and technologically advanced recruitment system we ensure the candidate applications are processed quickly and in detail during the hiring process. That way we are able to track and search for the most qualified candidates more effectively and accurately.

Furthermore, the application process becomes easier and helps the candidate rest assure, showing their best of themselves and their skills. We strive to provide a positive candidate experience and always accept feedback to make our recruitment process better and better. Influencing your brand and assist your company to stand out to candidates applying for different vacancies in the future.

Our extra cautious personnel, responsible for the legal framework and the contracts, consist of another plus that Bluee Green possesses. We help to prevent misunderstandings by making the agreement, terms and conditions clear, the duties, duration and payment. We clarify the status of the contract and reduce the risk of unfairness towards both of the parties. Moreover, for extra security, we set out from the start how a dispute over the payment or performance will be resolved, how the contract can be varied and how to end the contract before the work is completed. Also, we serve as a record of what was agreed during the meetings and always keep that for any future proof needed.